LIEKSAN MATKAKAVERIT is a registered tour operator, which offers activities and experiences at Ruunaa hiking area. Our main activities are rafting trips with wooden and rubber boats. We co-operate with other tour operators in the area.

Ms. Rauni Hietanen, Lieksan Matkakaverit, e-mail:  rauni ( at )

Our tour selection:

–                rafting with rafts and wooden boats

–                swimming in the rapids

–                smoke sauna

–                fishing by the rapids

–                hiking and paddling trips

–                forest olympics

–                floating along the rapids in immersion suit (waterproof suit)



Lieksan Matkakaverit has lodging services, which provides you and your group the possibility to enjoy untouched nature and the unbelievable magic of the summer nights. Get your group as close as can real wilderness and rediscover old-time river logging history in the comfort of your own cabin.
Rauni's Cabin

Lodging for ten persons in a log cabin. The cabin has three bedrooms surrounding a central room where everyone can enjoy dining. A terrace overlooking the river adjoins the cabin and has seating for thirty persons.

Logger's Cabin

In addition to Rauni’s cabin you can overnight in the Logger’s Cabin which is a replica of one found in Pielisen Outdoor Museum in Lieksa centre. This cabin gives a taste of Ruuna’s past when the men spent winters living in a cabin in the forest, felling trees and transporting them to the shore. During summer they lived in the Logger’s Cabin spending their days floating logs down the river. The Logger’s Cabin has sleeping space for eight persons.

Smoking is not allowed inside the cabins
You may not bring any pets to the cabins
(due to the allergies of the staff).




Meal Services

Karelian Buffet

The food in Karelian Buffet is made of local ingredients and includes North Karelian delicacies. Provincial uniqueness as well as the changing of the seasons are tasted in the food .
Karelian Buffet has always been known of it`s variety of ingredients, flavours and of utilizing the local ingredients. The flavour of tender cooked game dishes, fish, forest mushrooms, root vegetables and pastries fill the senses and your stomach. Please let us know if you follow a special diet or have food allergies.






Traditional Rafting with Wooden Boat

*for groups, individual travellers and families

Wooden Boat Adventure by the Finnish and Russian Border

*feel the excitement of the Border!

Rafting with rubber boat

*for groups, individual travellers and families

School Camps and Groups

*a splashy day! A special day spent on the whirling and swirling rapids for school groups.

Backpacking and Hiking

*open your senses for the taste of Ruunaa in well marked and safe hiking trails

Smoke Sauna

*relax in a real smoke sauna with mellow steam and let the time stand still

Forest Olympics

*fun games in the forest with your group. Lot’s of fun!

Canoe Trips

*experience the peace of the wilderness and listen to the silence. Let your canoe float gently down the stream…

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

*the wilderness offers an unforgettable memory for all bachelors and bachelorettes. Swimming in the rapids, rapid running and wild untamed nature give you a good chance to relax and to get to know the fellow group members.


* bride and groom will live memorable moments when starting their life together . A wedding ceremony at the romantic hand carved wooden Church of Paateri in Lieksa provides an unique and special experience. Also the guests will have an experience of their lives when attending reception by the rapids. Tell us your wishes and we will fulfill them! Delicious Karelia ála Carte buffet will be served after the ceremony.


Off track skiing in the rapids

*ski in the middle of the beautiful winter nature along the glimmering rapids




Trip info and driving instructions




If you need further information please send e-mail to Ms. Rauni Hietanen, Lieksan Matkakaverit,
e-mail: rauni ( at )


The meeting point for the trips:


Ruunaa’s Nature House by the river Naarajoki.
Address: Ruunaantie 128, FIN-81750 PANKAKOSKI FINLAND


Driving Instructions to  Ruuna Nature House:


Take road number 73 coming from Joensuu to Lieksa. 2 kilometres before Lieksa turn to right  towards Pankakoski to road number 522 (Lieksa-Ilomantsi)and drive past Pankakoski. Then turn left to the road number 5224 to Ruunaa. After 13kilometres you will cross the Naarajoki bridge and come the the Ruunaa Nature House.




N 63°, 20.563´


EO 30°, 25.365´


What to wear:


If it is hot: a cap, t-shirt, shorts. In May it is still chilly! Take along a windbreaker or warm coat, wool cap, gloves and wool socks.


School groups should bring their own rubber shoes/boots and rain gear.


What you don’t need to bring:


We provide you with life jacket, rain gear, rubber shoes/boots and wool socks.


The insurance:


Lieksan Matkakaverit is insured to cover personal and property damages which are caused by Lieksan Matkakaverit negligence. Customers should make sure they have their own personal travellers insurance for personal property loss, injury, etc.


Use of alcohol:


Lieksan Matkakaverit serves bland alcoholic beverages only at the restaurant Akanvirta.

All water related trips (Rubber Raft, Wooden Boat, Canoeing, Rapid Swimming, etc.) have a ZERO-TOLERANCE. 

Our insurance does not cover any accidents which occur due to the use of alcohol.




Rafting tour cancellations


Groups: for groups of 10 persons or more minimum 14 days prior to the trip date.


Private customers: as soon as possible, but at the least by 12 noon the previous day.


Accommodation cancellations


14 days prior to arrival if the reservation will be cancelled totally.


7 days prior if the size of the group is getting smaller.





Kaislikkohiihdon ÄMÄM
-kisat vuosittain.


Tilausravintola Akanvirta avoinna
koskenlaskijoille ja 
Myös tilauksesta 
sopimuksen mukaan. 
Ravintolassa WiFi -yhteys.


Posti- ja laskutusosoite:
Lieksan Matkakaverit

Ruunaantie 129
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040 - 708 5726  Rauni Hietanen

Siikakoskentie 65
81750  PANKAKOSKI (Ruunaa)


N 63°, 20.563´   
EO 30°, 25.365´

Ajo-ohjeen Ruunaa Raftingiin eli Raunin Majalle.